Electro Mechanical

TUB is a leading specialist in custom electro-mechanical assemblies with experience in creating quality solutions for military and commercial applications including:

• Communication equipment
• Electrical control systems for vehicles
• Control panels
• Pulse induction Land mine detection systems
• Photo Voltaic Inverters

TUB’s ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities produce world-class solutions to exacting military, government and commercial standards, capable of manufacturing more than 4 500 vehicle harnesses of varying complexity each month. Strategic, Best –in- Class, international partnerships enhance the transfer of skills and experience and include ACTIA, a US-based specialist in the design and development of instrumentation and controls for military vehicles.

With over a decade of proven ability in developing robust, reliable and innovative products in association with various local and international solutions providers, we have built a reputation for innovation and engineering excellence. Our Electro-Mechanical division produces a range of electrical and electronic systems for rail, industrial, commercial, renewable energy and military applications that meet and exceed the expectations of our local and international clients.

The extensive knowledge and experience we have developed extends beyond conventional wiring solutions and our expertise in CAN applications means we can integrate multiplexed electronic and electrical controls, monitoring and diagnostics.
TUB’s commitment to continual improvement is supported by our quality assurance processes, our ongoing investment in skills development and our fully integrated ERP System. All components are manufactured with lean principles in mind as well as ISO 9001:2008 and IPC standards. Continual Improvement together with strict adherence to international standards is a corner stone of TUB business, and the prestige of producing World Class Quality Products is our ultimate goal.