Women’s Day at TUB

“Where there is a woman there is magic.” Ntozake Shange

South Africa commemorates Women’s month in August. This is a tribute to the 20 000 plus women that marched to the Union Buildings on the 9th August 1956. The women marched in protest against the pass laws that were about to be extended to women. The South African government thus declared August as women’s month and the 9th August as women’s day. The march to the Union Buildings gave birth to the slogan, “you strike a woman you strike a rock.” This is a slogan that is still relevant and is used to this day.

TUB commemorated women’s day with a small celebration for all their female staff. The saying that a little goes a long way was clearly evident at TUB’s Women’s Day celebration. The celebration was intimate and small. TUB wanted to show the ladies that their efforts don’t go unrecognised. The commemoration was held in the afternoon, where the proceedings were opened by a short reading that was recited by our very own Matshepo Sekhukhune. An extract from the reading by Maya Angleou can be found below.

She is the life

She is the incubator

She is a deep listener

She is loyal heart

She encourages humans to live their dreams, passion and poetry

The woman that you are, I am, she is.

She is ideas, feelings and memory

She is the source, the light, the night, the dark and the daybreak

She is the smell of good mud

She is the voice that says “this way, this way”

The commemoration commenced with the handing out of a small token of appreciation.








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